Online Learning Workshops


Have you taken online workshops before?  Boy oh boy, they can be boring!  With that in mind, we've created ours to have an energy about them which maximizes attention - while also keeping them shorter.


Our parent workshop is a 40-minute review of all of the details that the parents in your organization should know.  This online learning experience takes parents through an understanding of how to best support their child as well as the child's coach.  In addition, we will review some of the key "laws" of our game so that parents on your touchline are educated in the game and understand things like "advantage" and the offside rule.  The idea here is to create a very supportive parent core that will work to focus on their role and allow coaches to focus on theirs.  Content is based on industry research and psychology , and through this experience the parents within your club will be more educated about soccer and more supportive in many ways.  Includes a quiz and a Certificate of Completion, as well as a 90-day "check-in" email to all who take the workshop and leave-behind tools.

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Our first-level workshop for coaches is designed to be an effective tool for your coaches who are not yet licensed and/or new at coaching soccer.  A great alternative for clubs which struggle to get coaches to attend license courses - this module gives critical education ranging from the most fundamental ideas that they would learn in licensing courses, to introducing slightly more advanced considerations such as an intro to systems of play, etc.  We have included contributions from great soccer minds including people like Claudio Reyna, Jeff Tipping, Tony DiCicco, and more.  We refresh the workshop from time to time so the names can change - but the idea is that we pull from credible experts and proven research.  The whole module is completed in just 45 minutes which means a higher completion rate!  Includes quiz questions and a Certificate of Completion at the end.

We are currently in "edit mode" to refresh with new content but please email us to express an interest:  Coming soon!