Case Study


'Rebuilding From The Ground Up'

John Guidroz / Director of Coaching


Improve the quality of club training / coaching; provide better parent education and support; strong focus on improving the overall brand of the club by improving the culture within.

Other solutions we considered before partnering with ProConnect:

  1. Full-time Director of Coaching / Executive Director
  2. Merging with another club
  3. MLS affiliation

biggest reasons we chose ProConnect over other options:

  1. Large knowledge base of those supporting us (our DoC network)
  2. Very affordable alternative; gives us the most powerful benefits of the DoC for a fraction of the cost
  3. Flexible terms and design of the solution

services purchased from or through ProConnect:

Hand-picked from a larger list of available services, to address specific needs:

  1. Club-branded curriculum
  2. On-field events / training
  3. ProPlayer Network service (brought Michael Chabala from Houston Dynamo to tournament)
  4. DoC active portal
  5. Positive Coaching Alliance workshops / services
  6. Conference / Skype calls with DoC network (J. Tipping; A. Donnery)
  7. Tournament advertising
  8. Consulting on club direction / administration

key challenges in this initiative:

  1. As we grow, it is harder to keep a focus on quality control
  2. Will older players and parents buy-in to these changes or will they be stuck in their ways
  3. We are going to mandate coach and parent training from Positive Coaching Alliance - what will be the reaction?

successes and outcomes:

  1. Club culture development has been a success already (less than two years)
  2. Curriculum is in place, creating a consistent and professional experience across all teams
  3. Important policies have been added or updated through ProConnect to support needs of the program; these same policies are also being followed by our members and protecting Perdido Bay better than before
  4. Heightened expectations of coach licenses / growth mindset
  5. Parent education has been a huge success.  We have fewer incidents, no red cards, better reputation in community
  6. Parents are expressing desire to help / volunteer once we started clearly defining their path to help
  7. Feedback from parents and players is that they are proud to represent Perdido Bay - culture development
  8. We have grown by 11 teams in just 24 months