Recreation Soccer

specific services to support the needs of recreation / intramural soccer

Make sure to also talk to us about various events that we can run for you - including summer camps!


Written specifically for unlicensed coaches, the online learning module is the perfect answer for getting education to volunteer coaches.  We have stories from so many of you about the struggles to get these coaches to come-out for in-person license classes - so this customized solution is the answer!  

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Bringing professional players to your fields can be a great way to foster a love for the game - by connecting the youth players with people who play the game at the highest level.  

Kids get to see players performing cool tricks with the ball, get autographs and share stories, and then perhaps see that player on TV the following weekend!  

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Orange jersey

Send in the professional coaches from ProConnect!  

We can conduct topical clinics for your recreation players to teach certain aspects of the game.

We can conduct coach clinics to give your coaches hands-on education in areas ranging from session fundamentals to teaching very specific aspects of the game.

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Soccer book

Providing a curriculum for rec / intramural coaches is a really smart idea.  Many coaches don't know where to look for this kind of information, while others might look in the wrong places and end-up with poor sessions.  In addition, our curriculum communicates other important fundamentals that a coach should consider before, during and after a season.  Click here to learn more!