Supporting Your Existing Director of coaching

So, you already have a Director of Coaching?  Great!  Let's explore some ways we can make his/her job easier...

Sports Psych
sports psychology services

ProConnect can provide experts in the area of sports psychology - offering an important glimpse into how the brain works and how your athletes learn and develop.  A deeper understanding of the mental game will make your coaches more dynamic and your players more confident and creative.

all things policies, by-laws, and contracts

Do your By-Laws need a refresher?  Missing policies and perhaps you would like help with writing legally binding and protective policy? Or, maybe you just don't have the time or want something a little more professional than what you have today... we can help!

collaboration with our network of directors of coaching - your peers!

Jeff Tipping, Andrew Donnery and the rest of our network of Directors are available to talk through any issues or decisions on your plate. Whether you are without answers or just looking to talk through pitfalls and "gotchas" - we are available for you!

Tryouts pic
premium tryouts package

This package is designed to make your tryouts process more uniform, professional and organized.  In achieving that, the headaches go down while the experience of the whole process improves!

Online Module

Our parents workshop provides fantastic education for the parents within your club to ensure that they understand the key laws of the game, as well as providing a way of thinking about how they could most appropriately support their child (and the organization).

College Prep
college prep services for your top players

Not every players has a strong desire to play in college - but for those who do it is important to be able to offer help for that player and his/her family.  The process is tangled and there are many components to wrestle, why not get some help from people who specialize in getting players into the right place for them?