Your premium tryouts package is designed to relieve stress and make your tryouts more organized and professional

your tryout package could include...
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* Detailed coach document delivers all expectations and info for coaches to know leading-up to tryouts. Covers such areas as club policy, field locations, required paperwork, best practices, the preferred or required assessment model (we offer the TIPSEE model), tryout sessions, and much more.

* Parent document provides locations, coach info, timeframes, expectations and gets ahead of any questions that parents are likely to have about the process.

* Team Manager excel spreadsheet tracks attendance of each player, tracks which necessary forms have been collected, and other details that will make your Registrar's life easier.

* Player assessment data collection forms for your assessors to use.

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* Professionally numbered pinnies with any numbering scheme on the back - avoids manual numbering and looks creates a better impression.

* Available in three different colors.

* Quality pinnies that stand the test of time and are ready to take the beating that pinnies often take!

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* ProConnect can assign independent assessors to help ensure that your tryouts are seen as fair and unbiased.

* Can be used for all teams or strategically to address specific age groups / situations.



* Conference call with ProConnect experts to prepare your coaches.

* You can use this call with your leadership team to ready for tryouts and discuss best practices, pitfalls, and other administrative details, or

* You can use this call with your coaches to ready the staff for the upcoming process.  Andrew's valuable experience is nice support before tryouts and he also can speak to the document that you've given the coaches from this package.

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